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Sorry to interrupt, but…

Last week, I found myself being stared at by students because one student was really talking too much. This happened twice with two different groups. In one of these groups, when the one talking too much started to beat about … Continue reading

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Negotiated Syllabus: focus on doing

  As part of my presentation at TESOL France, I spoke about a negotiated and emergent syllabus students designed two weeks ago, in which we had some lessons outside (park, cafĂ©, high street). This part of the presentation was well … Continue reading

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Why Classroom Management? Time for another metaphor?

  In preparation for the TESOL France Colloquium, in which I talk about Classroom Management, I decided to reflect a bit on the term and why I don’t like it 🙂 A quick and lazy search on Google using the … Continue reading

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