Evening CPD: Responding to Students’ Prejudiced Comments

TEFL CPD in London  Tuesday 13th March – 6.30-8.00. Subject – This session will examine past comments made by students at this school and how teachers had dealt with them.  Speaker: Becky Austin

Exploration of SGI’ teachers’ – teaching considerations & strategies, Tuesday 13th March – 6.30-8.00

Remember, you can also bring interested friends or colleagues too

This session will examine past (thankfully rare!) comments made by students at this school and how teachers had dealt with them. These comments could range from homophobia to sexism – the session deals with any negative or pejorative comment targeted at any particular population group.

This is also a chance for CPD participants to share their experiences, questions and personal strategies as well.

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Please feel free to comment or ask questions about the entries to this email afterwards!
!!!Special Request !!!

After this session, the session presenter, Becky, will post a specific blog entry about this topic. It will take the format of questions, issues or techniques raised by particular teachers…who will be you!…along with her answers.

Email me before the session with particular questions or situations, and she will endeavour to answer these in the blog entry.

Please indicate the personal information to remain anonymous in the post e.g. name, school, etc.

Please also note only queries concerning students’ prejudiced comments will be addressed in this blog entry.

Feel free to ask for advice and share your own personal experience!

HOW MUCH: £5 (£3 for ex-trainees, free for SGI staff)

79-80 Margaret Street
London W1W 8TA
Map:  http://goo.gl/maps/0xS5
Tube: Oxford Circus

WHO: About the workshop presenter

Becky Austin
She is an experienced teacher undertaking the diploma in TESOL, who has taught in a variety of contexts and countries. She is known as a young learner specialist in SGI and carried out an official in-house training session on dealing with students’ prejudiced comments in class.

To book your place at the workshop contact:

Simon Liu at cpd@stgeorges.co.uk

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