#ELTchat lives on in new home

Catching up on TEFL emails this morning, I learned that the website domain for #ELTchat had unexpectedly expired last Friday, and was in need of a new home.

If you weren’t yet aware of what #ELTchat is, you might want to find out more about twitter for teachers here.

Briefly, it is the twitter hashtag of choice for ELT educators the world round, and has built up an enormous community of enthusiastic and generous teachers & trainers who contribute to weekly twitter discussions on engaging and relevant ELT topics, which have been backed up by insightful summaries on the afore-mentioned website. The innovation behind #ELTchat was recognised this year with an ELTon nomination.

Thankfully, all is not lost! The summaries, and the community, will be re-locating shortly to a new website domain.

Marisa Constantinides provides full details here about the reasons for the change of url:

For me, #ELTchat has played a key role in my changing view of continuing professional development over the last 18 months. It opened up new opportunities for learning, and I know that I can always rely on support from my PLN of whom many are regular #ELT-chatters. I regularly promote #ELTchat to my teachers here at SGI, and it gets a big mention in my conference talk “Putting the C & the P into CPD” which I gave this year at the English UK Management Conference, at IATEFL in Glasgow, and will be doing again in October at IATEFL Hungary.

So, it is great to hear that, although the website domain may be changing, the community of learning and sharing will live on as eltchat.org

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