ESL Halloween Lesson Plan – Scary video and sounds

Melissa´s hopefully helpful ESL Halloween lesson Plan

Have fun using this Lesson Plan with the scary soundtrack video!
(There is another video with an A to Z of Halloween vocabulary at the bottom of the page – and a page with dictionary definitions of all the words)


When you have completed the listening activity (see below), you can help students with the speaking and writing activity by showing the video with some of the useful vocabulary which will help them improve their story telling/writing.

You can download the lesson plan from Scribd, but it is also all written out for you in this blopost.

BTW, there are more lesson ideas from Melissa here.

Use this lesson with any teenage or adult class you like.


Put students into groups and ask them to find as many words as possible in 5-10 mins from the words


eg. hello, when, ape, yellow etc




Elicit the following verbs from the students.  Probably best to act them if you are feeling dramatic!

Whistle, splash, shout, scream, walk, drive, ring (phone), bark, howl, play, run, rattle, sing, fall, cackle, breathe, clap, yawn, laugh.

Make them practice these in any way you like eg. they act/explain one to their partner and their partner guesses, they act/explain to the whole class, they use them in a sentence, whatever you like…




Play the video to the students (but don’t let them see it -i.e. just LISTEN to the soundtrack).  It is a story told with only sound effects.  Ask students to complete the worksheet 1 by ticking the verbs they hear.

Check as a group they ticked the correct ones = drive, walk, bark, play, creak, laugh, scream, run, fall, splash.

Play the track again and ask them to imagine the story.

Ask students to tell their story to their partner.



ESL Halloween Lesson Plan.pdf

More vocab to help with creative writing

Lower levels

Do an A-Z as a class or in partners thinking of good Halloweeny verbs, adjectives and adverbs eg, afraid, blood, cry, dark, eerie ……


Higher levels

Go through some collocations with the original verbs – use worksheet 2 if you like.


Listen again for inspiration

Ask students to listen again and also make notes for their story



Students write their story in the class or for homework using as much interesting vocab as possible

Halloween-ish collocations

Match these words to their spooky (or not) partners!

Yawn Splash Clap Scream Breathe
Walk Cackle Drive Sing Bark
Howl Play Rattle Run Whistle
Shout Fall Laugh Ring creak

of blood
blood curdling
on tip toe
for your life
ear splitting


You may also like to use this video with an A to Z of Halloween vocabulary

The definitions for all the words are in this learning English vocabulary article HERE

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  1. Alison Crooks says:

    Thank you very much for posting the soundtrack, our students produced some great pieces of work from this lesson plan.

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