Will Bowden

A perfect SGI blend: Theory & experience

Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play Immanuel Kant.
Looking back on the Trinity Cert TESOL course I took with SGI in May, I could only describe it as being perfectly Kantian. The course not only taught me the skills for a career in TEFL teaching, but then also put all the new theory into practice from day one.
After a morning of grammar or phonology, and a few double espressos, there was nothing more rewarding than making your class come together with everything you had learnt.
Before the course, I had some teaching experience from three fantastic university summers in Cataluña with English Summer S.A.. From them, I learnt classroom management skills and how to make a class enjoyable. After an intensive, but terrific month with SGI, I went back to Spain and the teaching was more fulfilling than ever.
Guided discovery lessons became a daily occurrence and it was fascinating to see how quickly the students picked up the taught target language, while also making the most of their summer there.
I now find myself in Hong Kong where the theory and experience of the unknown language journal have really come into their own. Who would have thought you could teach an hour’s lesson with just 30 words?