Vanessa Mulcare

Having worked in the banking industry for 6 Years, I decided to take the leap and pursue a career in teaching, but where to start?

I came across the Trinity Cert Course which SGI was offering which sounded perfect... and that’s exactly what it was! So I signed up for the intensive course and started it in January 2012. Whilst it was a challenging 4 weeks the support from the tutors and the other trainees was fantastic and the experience I got from it was invaluable.

Coming from a completely different sector of work into teaching may seem scary at first but you are given all the tools needed to be able to confidently teach and develop as a teacher. You are taught a variety of skills and techniques on how to teach students grammar, vocabulary, phonology and conversational skills in a way that is relevant, interesting and fun ultimately stimulating students desire to learn English.

After completing my course I went onto working for a school in the South of France for 4 months which was brilliant as I was able to put into practise everything I had been taught at SGI.

At present, I have been given the fantastic opportunity to work for SGI and I have been having the most amazing time teaching here. The students are great, the teachers are all a pleasure to work with and I am so glad that I chose to study for the Trinity Cert at SGI - it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!