I did the Certificate course last summer when I had already been teaching for four years in schools for foreign languages in Croatia. To be honest, I did not expect this course would almost entirely transform the teaching methods which I had been taught at the university or that it would define me as a teacher for future. However, it did and that is why I would recommend this course to all those teachers who want to boost their confidence, increase their teaching efficiency and encourage their students in active involvement during the learning process.

Since there were input sessions to be attended in the morning, and early afternoon, followed by the teaching practice, which is probably the most stressful and at the same time the most useful part of the course, we certainly all had to redouble our efforts to manage to get through those four tough weeks. However, all that and even the observations, evaluations and occasional disapproval by fellow teacher trainees and trainers at SGI proved to be very constructive and worthwhile. Personally I believe that I have benefited from the course even more than the other trainees from my group because I have a chance to apply all these methods and rules to teaching both English and Italian, which I do on a daily basis.

So, thanks are due to the SGI team and the work they do, because this experience made me realise how easy it is to create conditions and environment in which effective learning takes place and how much I can teach without wasting precious lesson minutes on giving detailed explanations and tiring long activities, but simply by being concise and straightforward, by nodding, bringing a picture into class, and using my creativity to the utmost.