Tina Kiss

Are you ready to forget your social life for a month?’  OK, that question during the interview gave me an insight into the challenging four weeks or so of TESOL.  But as the first day bolted into the second and the second into the third, putting my ability to keep track of time into question as the inputs rolled into lesson plans, practice sessions and reflections, I realised that this was indeed going to be one tough training course.

But did I really forget my social life?  Actually, I simply discovered a new one.  I made new friends and I also learned how to communicate more effectively.  In fact, the whole course was probably as much about learning how to become a better person – to listen more, to be more reflective – as learning how to teach.  And all this in such a hectic, yes, but really fun, atmosphere.   

There probably wasn’t a day that I didn’t laugh (an amusing quip or situation always turned up), or marvel at how the tutors slowly unloaded their amazing bag of teaching tricks, or tools.  I’d had a fair amount of teaching experience before, but the comprehensive input and guided practice sessions taught me a whole lot about what student-focussed learning really is.  Yes, I have only praise for the tutors, for their competence, enthusiasm, stamina.

What a month, what a journey!  So much gained in so little time.   Greeting my first ever English class after the course, I was very much aware of where my confidence and inspiration was coming from.  

Thank you, SGI!