I completed my TESOL certificate at SGI one cold snowy day in January 2009 after a challenging but very rewarding four week course with a great bunch of people. It was definitely the best January I have ever spent in my career since leaving university 25 years ago. I had previously worked in retail and construction management, but wanted to find a more fulfilling and enjoyable career - and I have!

After qualifying, I found a job very quickly and have been teaching in a school in the West End since then. I was amazed how relevant all of the course was, and how easy it was to move on from the training classroom to the real McCoy. My next step is to start teaching business classes, where I will be using my industry experience to help students to learn business English.

SGI prepared me well before starting the course, so I knew exactly what to expect and there were no surprises during the well co-ordinated course. It did require a lot of time commitment, but the four weeks passed in a very enjoyable flash of learning, comprehension and presentation. I think the best part was probably teaching a group of genuine students on the first afternoon. This represented a microcosm of the course as a whole: learn something, put it into practice, and observe others doing the same.

The whole course ran like a well-oiled machine, with mentors and coaches providing positive support and enthusiasm in copious doses. The other trainees were all really interesting and there was a great spirit of helping each other through the course. The best thing about the course is, without doubt, the professionalism of the SGI team.