Hello. My name is Saheefa and I did my Trinity Cert TESOL with SGI in July 2007. It was my first time in England and I think SGI is the best place for first time students in the marvellous city of London. I faced no problem with accommodation, finding the administration at SGI extremely helpful. My course was very rigorous but my excellent teachers made every step a profound learning experience. They made me work at my best as they made our learning fun.

 Although it was a four week course, I learned so much from the academic and cultural experience that my teaching style has been revolutionised. My teaching efficacy has increased noticeably and my classes are more satisfied with my new teaching techniques. Not only had I learnt teaching styles but also so much about English language itself. I personally most liked the grammar lessons, the unknown language learning and the phonology sessions.

I also cannot forget ‘bagelmania’ where my friends and I went every day at lunchtime  to have coffee. If you come to SGI, don’t forget to enjoy this and other wonderful places nearby.

An amazing part of the experience was to make friends from many countries. We had seven nationalities in the class of 15, and we made a wonderful group. On the last day of the course, we all went to dinner…and then a disco!!!

I enjoyed London because SGI is in a wonderful location near Oxford Street. I suggest every potential teacher of English join SGI and be a part of this wonderful experience. I miss you SGI!!!!