Romany Thums

I took the intensive Cert Course in November 2011 and I now look back at it as being a fantastic and challenging experience. I was warned by the SGI team that it was going to be full-on, but I knew that it would be worth it... and it definitely has been.

First of all, the actual course in itself was brilliant. The trainers were very helpful and supportive.  A real sense of solidarity emerged from the group, all of us helping each other out as well as having a lot of fun. The fact that you're teaching from the first day is quite daunting at first but you soon realise that it's the best way to learn. The input sessions were very clever and enlightening.

So many opportunities seemed to open up for me after I'd completed the course. Immediately after finishing  SGI offered me a job at their school in Vicenza, Italy for my first placement as a teacher and I loved every minute.

I am now working as a freelance teacher and translator in Spain. I'm very grateful to all the SGI trainers and my fellow trainees!