After being encouraged by my Director of Studies to do the diploma course, I registered to do SGI’s distance course. The flexibility of the course meant that I was able to continue with my teaching position and slowly but surely progress my way through SGI’s workbooks. 18 months later I had finished the course and was promoted to Assistant Director of Studies at the school where I work in Cardiff.

Doing the course whilst working, meant that I could directly relate the methodological and practical aspects of the course to my everyday teaching. My students and colleagues were happy to help me with any parts of the course that they could - whether it was filling out questionnaires, providing feedback to different activities or simply agreeing to be observed.

As you would expect from a Diploma course, the different areas of TESOL were studied in much greater detail than in the certificate course I did and I think that on the whole it is presented in a way that is engaging and interesting to the candidate. I especially enjoyed the freedom to choose my own area of research for the portfolio module and with the professional feedback and support of my personal tutor was able to write about an area of personal interest. Overall, I think this course is key for anyone who wants to develop a career in TESOL but also provides an invaluable insight into the science of teaching a foreign language.