As an American with aspirations to live and work abroad, I knew that pursuing a TESOL Certificate would be a smart way to develop my experience and educational background.  After some research online, I came across SGI and found that their course was exactly what I was looking for.

The 4-week intensive course ending in August 2010 fit my schedule well while I was living in London for the summer.  Although the course was demanding, I really enjoyed hearing the advice and insights from all of the teacher trainers.  With a background in foreign language education, I was able to build on my methods for teaching language with the material learned in this course.  The daily classroom experience teaching non-native speakers and practising what was learnt in lessons was also invaluable to our progress and development.

After completing the course, I worked in a French high school as an English teaching assistant for the year, where I was able to utilise the techniques I learnt at SGI.  These techniques will continue to be useful in my career as a language educator as well.  Thanks again SGI for such a professional and well-organised CertTESOL experience!