To be completely honest the TESOL course has been the most useful and rewarding endeavour I have ever undertaken and the doors it has opened and possibilities it has given me have been too numerous to mention. Sure, it was 4 weeks of hard work. But it made up for the 3 years of playing computer games and learning how not to pour a pint at Uni! The skills and techniques that you are taught are incredibly relevant and adaptable - from teaching different age groups, levels of ability, types of classes such as reading, writing, grammar etc, problems to expect and how to deal with them, problems associated with specific nationalities, phonetics...essentially to borrow an American phrase, all bases covered. The teachers are superb. Not only are they extremely professional, helpful and knowledgeable they are also a great laugh, although conspicuously absent when it's their time for a round. I can say now to anyone who is thinking of doing this course. DO IT! It will be the best 4 weeks of your life, and you will not regret it.