“I did my Diploma in 2001/2 six years after the Certificate. I was working as a freelance business English trainer in Germany and taking 2 months off to do an intensive Diploma course was not a convenient option. The distance Diploma course at Saint George International however, was and any worries I had about remote guidance and tuition were soon dispelled. Throughout my course and examinations I received prompt and professional administrative service and excellent advice and feedback on my course work.

Doing the Diploma has helped me both in terms of my professional knowledge and opportunities. I have moved from solely teaching into academic management, IELTS examining, British Council project participation and school ownership. Currently two of my staff are doing the SGI distance Diploma course and I am preparing for my next job, working for the British Council on a one year project in India.

I would not have had the chance to undertake any of this interesting professional development without the knowledge and qualification gained from the Diploma. The distance course at Saint George International allowed me the flexibility to complete it while continuing to work and without losing any of the personal service of an intensive course.”