Although term-time was always busy at the independent boarding school I was working at when I undertook to prepare for the Trinity Diploma, I decided that I would rather do the background reading thoroughly, and complete workbooks over a longer period of time, than attempt to cram such a wealth of information into the summer holiday period.

I found that this gave me a comprehensive awareness of different teaching approaches, refreshed my memory of numerous grammatical points and enabled me to experiment in the classroom as I was working towards this qualification, preparing three particularly comprehensive projects on areas of particular interest to me for submission ahead of the final exams and teaching block.

By the time of the written exam, I had exchanged several phone calls and many, many more emails with my main tutor, Naz Sienkiewicz, in which she had offered me invaluable suggestions, advice and comments, answering my queries and, together with other tutors at SGI, providing prompt constructive and consolidating comments on completed workbooks that I submitted at intervals by post.

When I attended SGI for the two-week teaching block, I fully recognised that the amount of planning, preparation, teaching and reflection that I would need to undertake would be considerable, but I had not fully appreciated that the daily two-hour commute into London would take such a toll (it’s definitely advisable to be within a short commuting distance of central London!).  That said, I could not have asked for a more caring and supportive team of mentors, with such an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of English Language Teaching.  I would recommend that anyone considering taking the Trinity Diploma course by correspondence look no further than SGI.

In terms of what gaining this qualification has meant to me, although I have now left the international language centre at which I had taught for over five years, I am looking forward to an extended break travelling around South America.  Who knows?  I may well find a position working within the ELT sector whilst I am over there.  In any case, I feel extremely well prepared for the next phase of my English Language Teaching career, many thanks to SGI!

Emma Watson