Emanuela D'Ottavio

The Trinity Tesol at Saint George International was a great experience. I did the part-time course,
which was quite demanding but very interesting and engaging too.

As a freelance Italian teacher I had some knowledge about language learning and teaching methodologies before starting. Even so I learned a great deal from the course. I was extremely satisfied with
the program covering all aspects of teaching, from theory to practice with great attention
on language analysis.

What I appreciated the most was the professionalism, dedication and support of the SGI trainers, who were able to convey their enthusiasm and passion for teaching. They really helped me to develop as a teacher and make myself more aware of this profession. I also really benfitted from the team work and the discussions with my fellow classmates, which I enjoyed a lot. Sharing ideas, comparing our lessons and helping each other were such a valuable source to me as much as the constructive feedback from our

At the moment I have been still operating as a freelance language teacher, and I feel much more confident and competent about my job. I integrated what I learnt from the course into my own daily teaching practice, and I can judge from my students’ feedback how this paid off.

I also learnt to reflect more consciously about my teaching. In addition, the school gives lots of ongoing input and provides a range of resources to encourage you to become part of the teaching community. I started more regularly to attend workshops, to join blogs on the Internet and to meet my colleagues.

I would recommend the Tesol course at the Saint George to anyone who enjoys challenging, but rewarding experiences.