Due to work and financial commitments, I couldn't sign up for a full-time course and needed (and wanted!) some flexibility. I found the distance-learning course through St George International in London and was accepted onto the programme. I started working on it in January 2005, took the written exam in November of the same year and completed a two-week practical block in London in March 2006. I had a fantastic tutor/mentor at St George's and we have stayed in touch ever since. At the start of July 2007 we were both invited to participate in the piloting of the new written exam at Trinity's Head Office.

The Trinity LTCL Diploma gave me a real sense of achievement. It was hard work but always interesting, and it gave me much more confidence in my abilities. It also gave me a better sense of direction - I would like to work as a teacher trainer in this field in the future. In September 2006, I began work at HMP Wandsworth, where I have been Head of ESOL for the past year. This enabled me to combine teaching with a middle-management role at the head of the ESOL team at the prison. It has been a fascinating year! I firmly believe that the renewed confidence I had gained, and the Trinity LTCL Diploma itself, helped me to secure this position.