“ Doing my Diploma with SGI was a very positive experience, both during the distance study portion and the exams in London. From previous experience, I know that studying by distance can be a very isolated experience, but I never felt it was with SGI for many reasons: here are my top five:

  1. The registration process and administration were efficient - set texts and books and course units were always delivered promptly and in good time.
  2. My tutor was extremely well-organised, gave concise yet constructive feedback on my coursework, and most of all, I found the level of personal support impressive - no matter how busy, she always found time to respond to my questions via email within a day or two, which I found very reassuring. I never felt that I was out on a limb because I was studying by distance.
  3. The coursework itself was stimulating, thought-provoking and extremely good value for money. It really stretched my knowledge of ESL teaching and theory in different ways, through self study, required reading, coursework units and most of all the coursework portfolio. At the end of the course I really felt that I had been able to focus on and improve specific areas of my teaching.
  4. The examination period was well-organised, and the staff all extremely friendly! I felt welcome right from the minute I arrived in the school. The tutor support during the observations was appropriate and always constructive.
  5. Since getting my Diploma, I have found that I am eligible to apply for a much wider range of jobs in ELT. It is a qualification that employers recognize and take seriously. Before getting the Diploma, I had been working as an instructor in private schools in Canada and Japan - just one month after getting my Diploma, I gained my current post working as a teacher/lecturer/teacher trainer at the State University of Mongolia! I firmly believe that doing the Diploma has helped me gain the depth of knowledge that I need to fulfill my current role. I am now regularly lecturing teacher trainees in methodology, presenting at conferences, and conducting in-service training seminars.

The cost of the Diploma seems so minimal when you realize all that you can gain professionally from the experience. The course will help you get where you want to go in the ELT field - I thoroughly recommend both the course itself and SGI.”