I have fond memories of my time at SGI. The hours were long and there was a great deal to get through within one month. However, the experienced and down-to-earth teachers fuelled our enthusiasm with the fun that they injected into every lesson. I had to resign myself to a month with no social life, but the intensity of the course brought the class together and I made very good friends in the classroom.

Since completing the course at SGI, I have worked as an English teacher with both adult and teenage learners. Each of these experiences offered its own set of challenges and both were very rewarding. As I was not working abroad, I particularly appreciated having the opportunity to learn about other countries, cultures and customs from the students in my class.

I would recommend SGI to anyone thinking of doing a TESOL qualification. The intensity of the course makes it challenging and you need to be disciplined to see it through, but the opportunities that will arise from completing the course make all the hard work worthwhile.