Top 5 short videos for Business English warm-ups.


Here’s a small collection of short videos I’ve used to set the mood of Business English lessons, to provoke some interesting discussions and to promote some language noticing.

Negotiation – Fifth Element (film)

Specially funny for those who haven’t watched the film; or who don’t remember the scene. It works well in discussions on negotiating styles and cross-cultural differences.


Talent = 10,000 hours + luck

One of my favorites! So much material for discussion, and the guy speaks quite fast which is good to challenge students’ comprehension (and attention!); also a bit of bad language and sarcasm, just enough to be funny and critical at the same time.

Did you know? (Technology)

Not so up-to-date but still incredible. I often ask students to choose one of two pieces of data here and comment on them, trying to relate what they see in the video to  their own lives.


Monty Phyton’s – Job Interview

Actually, this is my favorite! No much to say, just watch it and enjoy! Chances are you already did, but not one of my students had when I showed them, so even if it’s old, it’s new.


Hiring the Right People – Mark Zuckerberg

Quite challenging concepts here for those used to traditional recruitment processes  where specific qualifications and lots of experience are the order of the day. This video is part of a series made by Stanford University.


And you? Any videos you use in Business English lessons? Let us know!


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7 Responses to Top 5 short videos for Business English warm-ups.

  1. Nathan says:

    Dear Willy,
    A predictable choice, I know, but there is so much mileage to be got from The Office. Presentations, interviews, training sessions, appraisals, even dealing with the IT department, it’s all in there.
    Another that is packed with potential is The Story of Stuff, especially now that it has an advertisement before it starts- great for predicting what will follow.
    The Apprentice is great for introducing tasks that students can work through themselves before watching how the different teams approached the tasks.
    Also, Levi Roots’ pitch on Dragons Den is a great resource- also a great sauce!
    Looking forward to hearing some more ideas.

    • Hi Nathan

      The Office! of course! I’d forgotten about it, haven’t used it for ages. My favorite was the pilot, I think, in which they discuss downsizing.

      I used Levi’s Roots’ pitch today. Coincidentally, I was working with one student on a unit about Angel Investors and all that this week. So thanks for the video! We both enjoyed it.

  2. Very nice collection, Willy, thanks very much for putting this together. Passing it on 🙂


  3. Ann Foreman says:

    Thanks, Willy, great selection of videos to get students (and teachers) thinking and discussing – will defintely use them in class.



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