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I’m forwarding details of a recruitment company for jobs in China. I don’t know anything about them, so perhaps do your own research before contacting them.


Stephen Bell

ESL Recruitment is a foreign owned and operated recruitment company based in China. We would like your assistance in finding motivated, passionate and talented teachers, who are realistic about what they are coming to in China. ESL Recruitment uses experienced, dedicated staff to screen schools to make sure we only recruit for the most dependable and professionally run schools. We make sure all our schools offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Comfortable living arrangements
  • Generous working hours and holidays
  • Comprehensive health insurance package
  • Fair contracts that are always upheld

At ESL Recruitment we understand that coming to work in China can be a “big leap into the unknown” for new teachers. We make sure that all our potential candidates are well-informed about the schools and living in China in general, and therefore know exactly what to expect when they arrive. Openness and honesty is our trademark. If If we think that a candidate isn’t yet ready or otherwise unsuitable we make sure that they know.

We highly encourage you to give your CertTESOL graduates a helping hand by giving them our contact details.

Kind regards,


Stephen Bell

About Stephen Bell

Steve, who started working as an English teacher over 10 years ago, is a senior teacher, teacher trainer and administrator of the teacher training courses. Before joining SGI in 2006, he worked at various schools in London and Poland as a senior teacher and Director of Studies. Prior to this, Steve was a Legal Representative in a law firm. Interesting fact: In his younger days Steve worked as a sports teacher.
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