Looking for teachers again

Here are more immediate vacancies in west London. Contact Anya immediately if you’re interested.

Hi Stephen

Thank you for posting the ad on your blog looking for teachers for LTC. we got some instant feedback. Unfortunately now we are a couple down again next week, so I wondered if you could post the note again as it was so successfull? We need two for Monday 18th July teaching 15 hours and activity leading in the pm.

Thanks a lot

Anya Woolliams
Director of Studies

Tel: +44 208 5662188

Stephen Bell

About Stephen Bell

Steve, who started working as an English teacher over 10 years ago, is a senior teacher, teacher trainer and administrator of the teacher training courses. Before joining SGI in 2006, he worked at various schools in London and Poland as a senior teacher and Director of Studies. Prior to this, Steve was a Legal Representative in a law firm. Interesting fact: In his younger days Steve worked as a sports teacher.
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