Team Teaching – Pre-intermediate English lesson

Team Teach lesson – Jo and Hannah

Last week I joined Jo in her Elementary/Pre-Intermediate conversation class for a bit of team teaching. We got together at the beginning of the week to decide what topic to teach and how we’d go about teaching it. To be honest, we struggled to think of a need to have 2 teachers in the class as most of our ideas only needed the 1 teacher. After much deliberation, we decided to do a little bit of acting with the class in the context of ‘food waste’ and ideas on how we could reduce food waste at home.

The aim:

Students learn vocabulary in the context of food waste, discuss ideas on how to reduce food waste and finally make an instructional video on on the subject.

The lesson:

Lead in – We asked the students to discuss the following:
1) How much food is in your fridge?
2) How much food do you put in the bin every week?

We split the lexis between us and pre-taught the following:

*   to throw something away
*   rubbish bin
*   leftovers
*   waste
*   ton
*   billion

Students then had to do the following gap fill: In Britain, we throw away around ______ tonnes of food every year. It costs £______. (answer – 7.2 million tonnes / £12 billion)

How can we reduce food waste at home? Students were split in 2 groups to discuss tips on how we could reduce waste. One group worked on ideas ‘at the supermarket’ and the other group worked on ideas ‘at home’. Jo and I oversaw the groups and gave extra ideas when students were struggling. Students then had to explain their ideas to the other group.
Once the students chose the best 3 tips, Jo and I demonstrated how we could transfer these tips to an instructional video.

(at the supermarket)
Hannah: Oh I’m so hungry. I think I’ll buy this, and this, oh and this….
Jo: Stop! Don’t shop when you’re hungry! You’ll buy things you don’t really need!

From this demonstration, students had to write a storyboard for their top 3 tips. After error correction and practising their lines, they made the following video:

Good things about team teaching:

*   It’s a great way to observe your co-teacher. I got some great techniques on pre-teaching vocabulary and error correction from Jo.
*   Splitting the class is a good idea as you can work closely with some students. We only had 3 students in the class so it was a little tricky but the activity was still worth doing.

Things that needed improvement:

*   We definitely tried to fit too much in our lesson. We didn’t get a chance to film in the first lesson so Jo had to film them the following day. Scatty attendance meant that Jo had to re-explain things to new students. It probably would have been better if Jo had set the theme of food waste for the whole week, pre-taught the students and only left the acting bit for team teaching.
*   Because we were rushed for time, students struggled with storyboarding their ideas. We should have explained concept to them in more detail beforehand.

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