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What I learnt about English teaching essentials in a basic foreign language lesson

Last week, I attended the first class in a complete beginners’ Hungarian course. I was really looking forward to the lesson and being a student on the receiving end of some foreign language teaching: a nice change after being ‘the … Continue reading

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Should we talk about terrorism in ELT?

  The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were barbaric. Every news agency in the world covered them extensively. Social media channels were plastered with related posts. It was impossible not to see or hear about these tragedies unless you have … Continue reading

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Teaching EFL Beginners: the final frontier?

Fear of blank stares or confused expressions? Possible miscomprehension or comprehension impossible? Perfect planning required or planning discouraged? Anything there sound familiar? Then maybe it’s worth reading on….I’m sure you’ll see something worth having a think about! Even for the … Continue reading

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