Top Blogs for English Teachers


From job hunting tips, passing through our good ol’ grammar issues, down to the value of Lesson Plans.

Here are 5 blogposts related to Teacher Development I highly recommend, all published lately, so still hot off the press.


1. Gordon Scruton writes a great blog named So Where Did It Go Wrong? where he reflects on lessons always asking this question at the end. This time he diverts from the main focus of his blog in order to give some tips about seeking jobs abroad. If you are in this situation take a look at Questions for a potential employer pt 1 and  Questions for a potential employer pt 2

2. One of the biggest challenges trainee teachers face is to make sense of grammar rules and how to make grammar function, form, meaning and all that very clear to learners. This week, Scott Thornbury dedicates his A-Z to ELT blog to exploring Prescriptive Grammar. In his own words, “If a prescriptive grammar is about how people should speak, a descriptive one is about how people do speak.” Check it out!

3. In the Teaching Young Learners area, my favorite blogger is definitely Cristina Milos, a teacher in Romania whose classroom is a visual delight and something of an inspiration. Her latest blog is on ideas for Back to School activities, if you just started a new term with the little ones, I recommend you take a look.

4. Dale Coulter, one of the best ‘new’ bloggers around, shows us the potential of Lexical Notebooks. He uses his own example as a learner of Italian to illustrate how it works. An inspiring post on how to organize and personalize at the same time.

5. Anthony Gaughan, a teacher trainer in Hamburg, asks whether paper-based lesson planning actually increases teacher preparedness and opens up a great discussion thread on his blog Teacher Training Unplugged


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