TESOL Diploma – How long does it take to do the course?

The Trinity College London TESOL Diploma is an advanced qualification for English as a foreign language teachers.

It can be taken by teachers who have at least two years of full-time classroom experience after having completed an initial teacher training certificate, such as the Trinity Certificate or CELTA.

The SGI Trinity Diploma is an online distance-learning programme (with a 2-week practical block in London) that is very popular with EFL teachers from all over the world, who complete the flexible course in a timeframe that they can adapt to their personal circumstances.

The depth of understanding and standard of work to successfully complete the Diploma is equivalent to a Masters degree and in England the course is accredited at Level 7 of the UK National Qualifications Framework by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

It is a globally recognised qualification for EFL teachers that are career-minded and looking to progress in the TEFL industry in senior posts such as director of studies, management or university lecturer.

To learn more about the diploma course, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Below, you can see Head Tutor for the Diploma, Naz Sienkiewicz in the first of a video series where she answers the most frequently asked questions about the Diploma.

In this first video Naz gives her thoughts on:
a) How long does it take to complete the Trinity Diploma?
b) How many hours a week do I need to commit to the coursework?

Have you already taken this course? If so, perhaps you could share your experiences in the comments section below to give more information to prospective candidates about the time demands of the course based on your experience.

If you are considering doing the Diploma and have a further question that you would like answered by Naz, then please also leave a comment and we will endeavour to cover that in a future video.

Bren Brennan

About Bren Brennan

Bren initially trained here at SGI and then joined the staff in 2005. Since 2006, he has taught abroad in Budapest, Berlin and now at Mondragon University in Spain. He returns to teach at SGI London every summer and completed the SGI Trinity DipTESOL in 2011. He also regularly writes posts for students here.
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