How to start writing ELT materials for publishers

As you progress in your TEFL career, you start to think about progressing beyond your initial TEFL training certificate and broadening your skill set and your employability.

One of the most obvious and popular choices is the higher qualification of the Trinity TESOL Diploma. Once you have this under your belt, you can legitimately put yourself forward for higher education teaching posts, or TEFL management jobs like Director of Studies.

Another advantage of the advanced qualification is that you will have developed further knowledge and perhaps a special area of interest within TEFL that you may want to begin writing about.

Many teachers begin by writing articles for their own Teaching English as a foreign language blogs. This is all very well and good, but at some point you will want to start getting paid for this type of activity.

At this juncture, you need to make some kind of connection to, and start developing a relationship with ELT publishers… which is easier said than done.

You will need an enticing idea that is potentially going to be able to sell a lot of textbooks and you will also need to have the imagination, drive and commitment to be able to get through a daunting taskload (in addition to your normal teaching work).

To enable you to attempt all this, there is a new book available entitled, A No-Nonsense Guide to Writing Materials which gives advice on all of the above. It contains sage words from ELT materials experts such as Jeremy Harmer, Lindsay Clandfield, Antonia Claire, Simon Greenall and many more.

The book is FREE to download here. How about that!

Bren Brennan

About Bren Brennan

Bren initially trained here at SGI and then joined the staff in 2005. Since 2006, he has taught abroad in Budapest, Berlin and now at Mondragon University in Spain. He returns to teach at SGI London every summer and completed the SGI Trinity DipTESOL in 2011. He also regularly writes posts for students here.
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