Teaching Japanese learners

“Do not try to light the fire when drinking rum”

Japanese learners.

This blog post looks at difficulties Japanese learners tend to have — and are perceived to have — when learning English, what this difficulty might be a result of, and ways of helping Japanese learners overcome these problems. It draws on my experience teaching Japanese learners, working in Japan, learning and speaking Japanese and of course on courses I’ve undertaken and on books I’ve read. We’ll be looking at thirteen different statements based on common perceptions of Japanese learners, and I’ll be giving my thoughts on whether I believe these statements to be true, false, or something in between.

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Using authentic written texts quickly and easily (And how to adapt them with B.A.T.S.)


In planning their lessons, most teachers will find themselves wanting to utilise authentic texts in class at some inevitable point – whether it be for the sake of language, or a wish to branch out from the usual, textbook-prescribed set of topics. Having said that, many teachers also find themselves too busy and run off their feet to easily make use of these texts. This blog post looks at quick, easy ways to work with said texts — in the pre-task, task and post-task stages. Continue reading

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3 Common Pronunciation Difficulties for Spanish Speakers… …and How to Overcome them

A significant proportion of English language learners come from Spanish-speaking countries: they totalled approximately 10% of the total number of students at SGI last year, with the vast majority coming from Spain and Argentina. Continue reading

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