Free TEFL Lesson Plan: Royal Scandals

A free TEFL lesson plan for you to use and abuse as The Royals hit the news again.

All instructions for you, the teacher, are in italics. Here’s a pdf download of the student worksheet


Elicit basic background about the British Royals, such as who they are and what they do (spend taxpayers money, act as ambassadors etc).

Ask the students why the royals have been in the media for the wrong reasons recently. If nobody mentions Harry or Kate, ask if they have heard of those scandals. Next, elicit or build up the 2 stories:


1)Prince Harry had a drunken party in Las Vegas with lots of people. Photographs of him and the guests appeared in numerous newspapers.

2)Very private photos of Prince William’s wife, Kate, were taken whilst she was on holiday and printed by the French press.



Put students into pairs. Hand out/project the following list of Tweets. Ask students to read them and decide if they refer to the Harry scandal, the Kate one or both.



1)Prince Harry embarrasses the nation yet again! H/K/b

2)Where were his body guards? How did they let this happen? H/K/b

3)This is a huge violation of privacy that should not be tolerated. H/K/b

4)The press once again shows that they will sink to new lows to make money. H/K/b

5)Nothing sells newspapers like a royal photo scandal. H/K/b

6)William is out for blood. First his mum and now his wife. H/K/b

7)Who’s footing the bill for Harry’s wild parties? The taxpayer that’s who. H/K/b

8)The photographers must have been tipped off. H/K/b

9)It’s like Diana all over again. H/K/b

10)These journalists have no shame. It’s despicable! H/K/b



1)H   2)H   3)K    4)K   5)b   6)K   7)H   8)b   9)K   10)K

(these are only suggestions, some could be interpreted differently)



Now, ask pairs to discuss what they think the highlighted language means. When they have finished elicit their descriptions. Here are some basic definitions:

body guards=private security officers to protect famous people

violation of privacy=when your personal rights are not respected


sink to new lows=to do something which is even words than before

out for blood=very angry and looking for revenge

footing the bill=to pay for what has been used or bought

tipped off=given information about something secretive

all over again=when something happens in the same way again  

have no shame=when you don’t feel guilty about doing something bad

despicable=something which is seen as a terrible act



Ask students to decide how they feel about each tweet and to write down brief notes for a couple of minutes. When they are ready, put them into small groups with new classmates. Give students 10 minutes to present and discuss their opinions about the tweets. Encourage them to ask each other questions and also to disagree if they feel differently.

Go round the groups and make sure everyone is contributing. Ask questions to quiet students and praise their responses and ideas.

When the time is up, elicit opinions about each tweet from every group. Try to get various points of view and encourage students to explain and debate them. Ask “why do you think that?” “X, do you agree?” “who agrees/disagrees? Why?”.

The objective is to show that there is no right answer so support and encourage differences of opinion.


Privacy presentations

Write this on the board:


The royals (don’t) deserve privacy because…


In addition

What’s more



Put a hot seat at the front of the class, sit on it and explain your own personal opinion using the words. Then ask students to question you about it. Reply honestly and praise good questions. 

Ask students to make their own minds up about the topic and to make notes using the language as a frame. Then, put them in pairs to present their opinions for a few minutes.

Ask for a show of hands for who is for and who is against privacy for the royals. Separate students into 2 groups (if they are very uneven add more students to the smallest group). Tell them they are going to debate each other by giving 1 minute speeches. Each side will take turns presenting for 1 minute. Points must not be repeated.

Run the debate and keep track of the time. Signal if anyone repeats a point.

When the debate is finished say which arguments you found very persuasive.



To conclude the lesson, give students 1 minute to write down a short tweet about the royal photo scandals and privacy. Tell them they can write what they want but it must sum up how they feel about the subject(s) as though they were tweeting it to their followers. Give them a word limit of 20 words.

Invite students to the board to write up their tweets. When they have done ask the students to read them and vote on the best one. Then, ask the winner to explain it in more detail.



This is a short clip (here’s“>the link) about the Kate scandal and the outcome of the court case:


Here is a slideshow about other shocking royal scandals



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