TEFL Young Learner end of year class activity

If you teach TEFL Young learner classes, here is a nice activity as we come to the end of the academic year.

Instead of taking the same old class group photo, why not try this (below) as a much more compelling and meaningful memento?
A photo of each child in the class with them all holding a sign of what they hope to have as a career in their adult life. Surely, this will be a fond memory to look back on in years to come for your students.

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Of course, it is also great for revising ‘jobs’ vocabulary in English that you might have used during the year.
I presume that almost every young leaner English class touches on ‘When I grow up I want to be…” at some stage during the year’s lessons, don’t they?

By the way, this class’s teacher must be great, right? Quite a few of the young students have put down ‘teacher’ as their chosen future career.

Don’t worry if photography is not your forte. I don’t think that the professional quality of the photo is paramount here.


I suppose this class idea could be used for any age up to teenagers. However, if you teach TEFL to adults, how about adapting this activity into a revision of past tenses?
“when I was young I wanted to be….. but then….” etc
And you could have a similar class picture with people holding up a sign of what they wanted to grow up to be AND what they actually are now.

If you have any success with this activity, we would love to see your photos.


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BTW, the original idea for this came from Jo’s Photo Mojo


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