Learn English in a new way: Different student homework


Do something different with your class.
Help your students to learn English in a new way.
Show them that being open-minded can be fun, challenging and effective.

Why not set a different type of homework for this weekend: learning English in a different/new way…. by DOING.
It’s got to be better than a photocopy of some boring old grammar questions, hasn’t it?

– reading an online English newspaper
– watching an English language TV comedy
– writing down everything you do for 1 hour (in English)
– leave an internet comment in English on a YouTube video you watch
– review an item online that you bought
– think for 10 minutes only in English, etc.

Get students to report back to the class next week on what they did… and how successful it was

Bren Brennan

About Bren Brennan

Bren initially trained here at SGI and then joined the staff in 2005. Since 2006, he has taught abroad in Budapest, Berlin and now at Mondragon University in Spain. He returns to teach at SGI London every summer and completed the SGI Trinity DipTESOL in 2011. He also regularly writes posts for students here.
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