EFL Lesson Plan: Signs – Romance

Newbie teachers – Here’s a great video to use in class if you want to touch on the themes of city-living and/or romance/relationships. This is actually an idea that could be stretched out into 3 or 4 lessons – check out the final section below if you want to turn yourself into the next big Hollywood film producer.

I’ve given lots of questions as starters for discussion work. These are just suggestions and you don’t have to use all of them, of course. To keep everything interesting, remember to mix up the groups (pairs, 3’s, bigger groups, mingle tasks…and with different classroom layout/organisation) with different timings (e.g. 30s/1 min/2 mins/3 mins/whatever) and try things like “rating people’s answers’ or ‘voting for the best/worst advice’ etc.

Don’t forget to monitor all these communicative tasks for good and non-standard usage of vocab/grammar. Conduct feedback with different forms of error correction

Easy to forget: At the end of this lesson, make sure you give yourself enough time to review/recycle/re-elicit the useful language that emerged from the lesson.

Before the video

What are the dating habits in your country?
Where do people meet
How do people meet?
What do you do on the first date?
Is it easier to find a partner in the city or in the country/out of the city?
There are so many people living in cities, so why are there so many lonely people?
Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a new city and you didn’t have any/many friends?


Stop the film at 3:08

What do you think is the guy’s name? What is his favourite food/drink/band/clothes shop?

What do you think will happen next?
Will he get more depressed and leave the city/go back to his parents?
Will he lash out at his colleagues?
Will he get some friends?
Will he find a new, fulfilling job?

What would you do if you were him?
Where should he go to meet new friends?
How could he stay in his job but make it more enjoyable for himself?
Should he quit his job?

Will this short film have a happy ending?


Start the film at 3:08 and stop again at 3:20

What will happen with that girl?
Who is that girl? What is her job? What is her name? What does she like to do in her free time? What kind of films does she like?


After the film

What should be his first words?
What will they do first?
What will they do after one week/one month/one year?
Do you think they will be together in one year?

Why are so many films/books always about ‘getting together’ and not about what really happens after people start going out together?
Would relationships be more successful (less break-ups and divorces) if there were more stories about reality of normal live and not about romantic ideals?
Does love at first sight exist? Can it lead to true lasting relationships?

Follow up Lesson

Why not make a short film with your class about what happens to this couple.
Maybe you could set a written homework as a lead-in to this follow-up where each student gives a synopsis of their ideas of how the story progresses. In fact, why not get each learner to give their ideas in spoken form using this excellent, simple, free video tool?
In the lesson, get the class to negotiate an agreed story from all the homework ideas. Draft a collaborative script, rework it, maybe rework it again (writing shouldn’t be eliminated from the classroom)

Film the students’ movie (making sure everyone takes part somehow), put it on youtube and watch it together in class and watch the incredible pride and sheer enjoyment appear on your students’ faces and then take a deep breath and realise that you are a great teacher. All you have to do then is make even better lessons for the next week! 🙂

Bren Brennan

About Bren Brennan

Bren initially trained here at SGI and then joined the staff in 2005. Since 2006, he has taught abroad in Budapest, Berlin and now at Mondragon University in Spain. He returns to teach at SGI London every summer and completed the SGI Trinity DipTESOL in 2011. He also regularly writes posts for students here.
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