EFL Lesson Plan: Food, glorious food

Here’s an EFL lesson plan to be used in conjunction with #foodissuesmonth initiative by #GISIG.

You will need to have some kind of technology available in your classroom to be able to play the podcast for students.

Students listen to different parts of a podcast of two native speakers for 3 separate listening comprehension exercises.

Food topics in this lesson include: the best food ever, food allergies and ‘having a sweet tooth’

There are lots of discussion questions to get your classes talking. Plus there is a written homework task relating to another SGI blogpost on the subject of wasting food here.

You can download the lesson plan below (and the whole lesson plan is also viewable at the bottom of this page)



EFL Lesson Plan – Food, Glorious Food

Exercise 3
1. True
2. True
3. False (She wasn’t 10, she was 8)
4. True

1. The woman doesn’t have allergies, but she hates fish. The man is allergic to egg.
2. She doesn’t like the smell, the texture and doesn’t like picking around the bones.
3. She got a bone stuck in her throat.
4. He gets seriously ill if he eats egg by accident.
1. have a sweet tooth
2. the end of a meal
3. snacking on
4. Let’s agree on
5. any day

1. is allergic
2. gooey
3. was off
4. mouth water


What’s the most memorable meal that you have ever had?
Was the meal memorable because of the food or because of the atmosphere?

Ex 2. You will hear a man and a woman talking about the best food they have ever tasted. Which do you think the man/woman will say was their best food ever…? (Give reasons why)

Fresh fish Steak and vegetables Fish and chips Warm chocolate cake
A McDonalds burger Biscuits Veggie pizza Ice cream Fish fingers

Ex 3. Listen to the 3 parts of this podcast twice & answer the questions below

PART 1 (0:20 – 2:55) : TRUE or FALSE
The man thinks that the woman’s favourite ever meal will be ice-cream True / False
The woman’s favourite food is available in lots of places True / False

The woman was about 10 years old when she had her best ever food True / False

The man’s best ever food was some little fish that he caught True / False

Were your answers in Ex. 2 (above) correct?

PART 2 (2:55 – 5:08) : Longer Answers
1. Do the man or woman have any food allergies?

2. What are the woman’s problems with fish?

3. What happened when the woman ate fish pie when she was young?

4. What happens if the man eats egg?

PART 3 (5:10 – 6:00) : GAP FILL – Fill in the missing words

MAN: Are you a sweet tooth person?
WOMAN: I definitely (1)_________________________, yeah. Ice-cream, cakes, biscuits,
chocolate, all of that.
MAN: Can you not finish a meal without having something sugary to end with?
WOMAN: Yeah, that’s true actually. I do like to have something sweet at
(2) ________________________. If I don’t it’s like incomplete somehow.
MAN: And what about in between meals? Are you (3)_____________________ like Gummi bears and sweets and…
WOMAN: Sweets, not so much, but biscuits or chocolate bars, for sure, yeah, yeah, yeah
MAN: Biscuits in the UK are actually the best. (4)_____________________ that.
WOMAN: Definitely! Hob-Knobs. Give me a Hob-Knob (5)_____________________ !

Ex 4. Put the words/phrases into the sentences below. (You do not need all of the words)

melts in the mouth gooey delicious unusual
to make your mouth water to be allergic texture to be off

John loves shrimp, but his girlfriend can’t eat them because she _____________________ to all kinds of seafood.

The best bit about eating a Mars bar is when you bite into it and the centre is all _____________ and sticks to your teeth.

On Saturday when I opened the fridge it stank. I threw away the chicken because it ____________.

There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than slicing into a melon. Before you taste it, it makes your ____________________.

Ex 5. Discussion Questions – Always give reasons for you opinion!

Do people eat too much these days? What do you do if you are too full after eating?

Do you agree or disagree? – “Having a sweet tooth is a big problem”.

Do you know anyone with a food allergy? How does it affect them?

Is it possible to have a great meal with someone if there is a great social atmosphere BUT the food is terrible?

Have you, or someone you know, ever had to send back some food in a restaurant, OR make a complaint about some food?

Is food too cheap or expensive nowadays?

If food was 80% cheaper tomorrow, would that be a good or a bad thing for society?

Can people eat whatever they want, as long as they exercise later?

Do you agree or disagree? Unrealistic images from the fashion world of super skinny models make more and more young girls anorexic.




HOMEWORK: Reading & writing

Read this blogpost…

Do you think that getting rid of the “Sell by…” and “Display until…” labels will result in people throwing less food away?

Write your answer in the comments section of that blog page and an English teacher will correct your answer (Minimum 30 words)

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