40 ideas for how to use a text in class

Using authentic texts is a well-trodden staple of teaching English. Experienced teachers can rip a piece from their favoured online resource (mine is http://www.guardian.co.uk/) and have adapted lesson materials in moments…even if it might only be ‘corridor planning’ as Harmer calls it.

But if you’re a newly qualified teacher facing a class full of business students, who know their ‘shit’ from their own field, it must be incredibly daunting as to what to do with a text: how to lengthen out/expand on an article.

The aforementioned experienced teachers possibly (probably?) repeat the same favoured tricks of wringing out the last drops of communicative tasks from the text.

Whichever bracket you fall into, new ideas are at hand!!! Check out 40 ideas of how to use a text in class from the  ‘Unplugged’ blog by the excellent, Anthony Gaughan.

If you’re new to the game, it will be a real eye-opener for you. If you’re an old-hand, why not use 2 or 3 suggestions that don’t fall under your normal arsenal of text shenanigans! 🙂 See if it doesn’t stimulate you and end up being ultimately rewarding!


Bren Brennan

About Bren Brennan

Bren initially trained here at SGI and then joined the staff in 2005. Since 2006, he has taught abroad in Budapest, Berlin and now at Mondragon University in Spain. He returns to teach at SGI London every summer and completed the SGI Trinity DipTESOL in 2011. He also regularly writes posts for students here.
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