TEFL Business English Lesson plan: Is your work inspiring?

A free Business English lesson plan for you to teach with. The level is Upper-intermediate and above.
If you use it, please comment below to tell us about modifications that you used and how your students reacted. Thanks.


Do you think that your company spends too much money on stationery? Please explain your thoughts.
Are post-it notes a waste of money in a 21st Century workplace?

VIDEO WATCHING (get a student to read this out to the others)

“We are going to watch a video (it’s less than 1 minute long) where some office workers improve their office environment using 8,024 post-it notes.
Can you predict (or take a guess at) what they are going to do with the post-it notes?”



The Shop SF_Superhero Post-It Mural from Ben Brucker on Vimeo.



(ask different students to read these out to each other, rather than you the teacher reading them out)

  1. Would you like to brighten up your office walls with something similar?
  2. Do you think that these colourful, cartoon character walls are suitable for a place of work?
  3. An office environment should be plain and sterile so that employees concentrate on work. What’s your opinion on this?
  4. Should your office environment be colourful and life-enhancing so that you might be inspired to come up with new ideas?
  5. Is a certain kind of industry/office more suited to this kind of decoration?
  6. Are there any industries where this kind of wall decoration is not appropriate as it would be a distraction?
  7. Leaders and bosses are supposed to inspire you to work better. Office spaces should do the same. What are your thoughts?
  8. The most sought after workplaces like Google and Facebook and other leading tech companies have radically changed the office environment. Does this mean that the traditional ‘boring’ office space is old-fashioned and bad for employee productivity?
  9. What would your bosses say if you asked to make some art on your office wall?
  10. Which is better for a workplace: a ‘clean desk’ policy (with literally nothing allowed to be left on your desk at the end of the day) or a policy where you can personalise your workspace (with photos and plants etc)


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