Since gaining the TESOL certificate at SGI, I have taught English in both Paris and Madrid.  These were hugely rewarding experiences and the course provided a solid base on which to build up my teaching skills.  Now that I am back in the UK, I am still teaching English.  I have become involved in teaching and assisting in ESOL classes that are run by further education colleges and local authorities.

I completed the Trinity Cert TESOL course in 2001 and although it was only for four weeks, it was an intensive and well structured programme that covered a lot of ground.  I found the theory really interesting and I was taught how to plan and give successful lessons for a wide range of levels of ability.  The actual teaching practice was the most challenging part, but the tutors were really supportive and I grew in confidence as a speaker.  Now, I am at ease when giving presentations to people and teaching in front of large classes.  For me, teaching is about helping students to learn and improve on their English skills and the TESOL course gives you the ability and confidence to do this.